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Are the combs strong?

Yes, they are and if they are looked after should get you at least 3 years or more out of them. Any problems, just see your distributor for a replacement. (No worries) There is a one year guarantee on the item.

Is the elastic firm?

Yes. It will fit thin hair, thick hair, curly hair – any type. Its extremely stretchy and had satisfied many woman with very very thick hair.

Will my hair get caught in the beads?

No, nor will the elastic catch your hair. Its all insulated and neat and tidy. Keeps your hair looking great and the condition beautiful.

Is there only one size?

No, the original comb generally fits all people, while the petite comb, can be used for toddlers and for adults with thinner hair.  Just as comfy, versatile and elegant.

Can I sell the Hair Magic product?

YES – call us on 0420 936 863 or e mail  Minum order is 20 at a cost of $160.  Get started today!